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K12 eLearning

What is K12 eLearning?

K-12 eLearning is one of three major sectors of education in eLearning industry. K12 covers the students range from kindergarten through 12th grade. The Corporate and Higher education are the other two domains of education in eLearning sector. Students use technology tools to enhance learning which increase productivity and promote creativity.

K12 eLearning Services at MVS

MVS Creates customized interactive assessments, storyboard conversion, curriculum conversion and related products and services that help students, teachers, school management and parents to measure student learning. The eLearning content can be accessed via internet or school intranet with all required back-end administration packages. The package comes with a fully functional Learning Management System at a one-time affordable cost. The application can be customized based on your requirements.

If you already have the content and want to publish SCORM based course to your learners, please try our SCORM Course Creator tool.

If you have the curriculum in storyboard format or in PDF/DOC/PPT and want to distribute them in an interactive fashion way, please contact us at we will give you the best possible solution meeting your budget and timeline.