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Cost Estimation for developing 1 Hour Seat Time of eLearning Course

How much you should be paying for an Hour of eLearning course development?

One cannot follow a standard cost procedure for all levels of eLearning course output. In general the cost is directly associated with the effort required for the course production.

Before going in detail about the different levels in eLearning course output, let’s take a look at the required resource for the eLearning course production.

To create a quality and engaging eLearning course, you need to have a team with following resources in place:

Internal Resource:
  1. Instructional Designer
  2. Graphic Designer / Animator
  3. Programmer
  4. Quality Executive
External Resource:
  1. Voice Talent Artist
  2. Video Shoot Professional
The usage of External Resource is limited and may not be required for certain courses if there is no audio/video requirement in the scope.

Let’s take a look at the different levels of eLearning course outputs.

The level of eLearning course depends on how interactive/engaging your output eLearning course be. Before choosing the level of eLearning course, you first need to frame an outline of three primary factors:
  1. Primary objective of your course
  2. The Target Audience
  3. Budget allotted for the course development
Once you have identified the requirements of your eLearning course then you will have a broader vision of choosing the type of eLearning course meeting your primary factors. Let’s take a closer look on the table below describing the features generally available in each of the levels.

See the below chart with a rough cost-estimation for producing an hour of eLearning course output.
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